Eating the Elephant: Webinar on trade reporting changes for MAS, ASIC, and beyond

Date: Thursday, 23 Aug 2018

Time: 2pm (Singapore) / 4pm (Sydney)

Having pushed through the DTCC GTR 2.0 re-architecture for MAS and ASIC, it’s now time for firms to regroup and look ahead to see what other challenges loom over the next twelve months and beyond, including:

September 2018

Reporting reliefs for ASIC will be expiring. Additionally, ASIC is anticipated to require intricate lifecycle reporting for CFDs and equity derivatives starting in November.

October 2018

MAS will also require additional fields to be reported across all asset classes as well as all-new reporting of equity and commodity derivatives.

Beyond APAC

There is also the GTR 2.0 North American re-architecture in 2019, UTI pair-and-share, far-reaching Securities Finance Transactions Regulation (SFTR), and more.


In parallel with these upcoming developments, many firms still need to stabilize sweeping changes made for the DTCC GTR 2.0 re-architecture, in order to ensure that new message mappings, updated validations, and revised reports don’t lead to mounting operational cost increases.

The changes keep coming, and they’re coming rapidly. How can your organization quickly and effectively adapt? Catena Technologies is hosting a webinar to help firms prepare for these and other upcoming transformations in trade reporting. Strategies for improving reporting data quality will also be covered.


MAS CMD/EQD – reporting requirements for Oct 2018

ASIC – expiration of reliefs and lifecycle reporting in Nov 2018

Beyond APAC – GTR 2.0 North America and upcoming SFTR requirements

DTCC re-architecture – managing post-production issues for MAS and ASIC

Reporting changes – approaches to minimize effort and cost

Data quality – techniques for continual improvement

• Q&A

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