Catena Technologies Benchmarks a High-performance Trading Platform on InfiniBand

27th Sep 2011 - Catena Technologies, a consulting firm that implements high-performance solutions for financial institutions, announced the release of a report that benchmarks the end-to-end performance of a leading trading platform. As part of the testing, a system was constructed to simulate high-frequency trading of Japanese equities, including multicast market data delivery based on the InfiniBand Verbs specification, a market access gateway, and exchange simulators. The tests showed very consistent latency, with around 37,000 market data updates being received per second at less than 50 microseconds average latency, and over 7,400 orders being sent per second while taking less than 22 microseconds.

"Our objective was to measure the total performance of a trading platform built using off-the-shelf hardware and software," said Randall Duran, the C.E.O. of Catena Technologies. "We often see the results of isolated tests -- hardware, software, and network components -- quoted in the market. In many cases these performance numbers cannot be realized when a number of different components are used together in combination. This test truly measures achievable end-to-end performance."

The report, Trading Platforms: Total Performance, examines how trading platforms can leverage the latest network technology to achieve low latency and high throughput. In this report Catena Technologies measures the performance of NYSE Technologies' high-performance direct feed handler and market access gateway for the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and its recently released Data Fabric 6.0 communication layer. The tests were performed with four servers, each of which used two 6-core Intel Xeon Intel X5680 3.33 GHz (Westmere) microprocessors.

The full report is available for download from Catena Technologies' web site:

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