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US-based Brandywine Leverages Catena Solution for Buy-Side Trade Reporting

4th March 2020 – Catena Technologies today announced that Brandywine Global Investment Management, a US-based investment management firm, is moving forward with Catena's trade reporting platform as the underlying solution to report OTC derivatives trades. The multi asset-class reporting platform is being delivered in partnership with IHS Markit, a leading solutions provider.

"Automating compliance functions is a strategic priority for our firm," explained Mark Solomon, Director, Client & Trading Operations at Brandywine Global." A central, dedicated reporting solution is beneficial for us because it helps us adhere to tight deadlines for trade reporting, report efficiently in multiple jurisdictions and keep our reporting processes up to date, even as regulatory and trade repository requirements change."

Catena Technologies' TRACE Reporting system enables financial institutions to report OTC and exchange-traded derivatives trades to regulators across the globe via multiple trade repositories, approved reporting mechanisms (ARMs), and approved publication arrangements (APAs). The system manages the end-to-end reporting and reconciliation workflow by automatically capturing, normalizing, calculating, enriching, transforming, and submitting the required information to trade repositories. It can also reconcile trade repository data with a firm’s in-house and external data sources. Catena TRACE Reporting is a dedicated platform that manages all functional requirements for trade reporting, including cross-asset coverage, valuation and collateral reporting, reconciliation, and multi-jurisdiction support, including G20 jurisdictions such as ASIC, MAS, HKMA, and EMIR, as well as MiFID.

"Ensuring the timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of trade reporting is critical for financial institutions," said Aaron Hallmark, CEO at Catena Technologies. "Our solution streamlines trade-reporting processes, enabling asset managers to reduce costs, achieve faster growth and focus on strategic initiatives."

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